During the diploma project, existing methods and instruments for measuring the electrostatic field were analyzed. It was calculated time for which different methods measure the electrostatic field, and highlighted the difference between those methods. A device was also designed on the basis of dynamic (rotational) method with improvements in its parameters, namely size, A chip was also created and the items for it were selected. Conclusions regarding the expediency of measuring the electrostatic field in different fields are made.

In this work, an ultrasonic thickness gauge was designed. The introduction substantiates the relevance and necessity of development.

In the first section, an analytical review was conducted, which considered the main methods of thickness measurement and the principle of operation of these methods: echo method, impedance method, free oscillation method, acoustic emission, and other methods of thickness measurement. In addition, a general review and regulatory framework for eddy current control and available devices on the project topic were conducted.

On the diploma project of the fourth-year student of group PK-61 Opryshko Maksym on the topic: "Device for measuring the intensity of ultraviolet radiation"

In this diploma project, a portable device for measuring the intensity of ultraviolet radiation was developed.

The first section presents general theoretical information about optical non-destructive testing and its methods. Models of optical radiation are also given.
In the second section of this diploma project, devices for optical non-destructive testing were considered. Theoretical information about the types of photodetector elements, their structure and characteristics was also given.

The purpose of this thesis is to develop a device for determining the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air

The first section describes the problem of air pollution and its change over time. Indoor concentration standards and the European standard were considered. The
influence of different concentrations of carbon dioxide on the human condition is analyzed.

In the course of the work the methods of measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide were considered.

The quality of welded joints and their condition during the service life are important issues of safety and reliability in mechanical engineering, transport, and industry in general. The purpose of this diploma thesis is to analyze the existing devices for inspection of welded joints and the development of a modern ultrasonic device, its structural and functional schemes.

An overview of existing methods for solving this task is presented in the thesis.

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