In this work, a vortex current thickness gauge was designed to control turbine blades. In conducting substantiates the relevance and necessity of development.

The first section provided an analytical review, which considered: turbine blades and conditions for their operation, materials used for manufacturing. Protective coverings of the shoulder blades were also considered. From the offered variants the thermal cover was chosen. In the second section the analysis of methods and means of magnetic control of the thickness of non-conductive coatings on the conductive basis was carried out. There were some models of thickness gauges with their characteristics. In the third section, the calculation of the eddy current thickness gauge of the protective thermal protection of the blades of turbines was carried out. In particular, the system of the GSP of the object of control has been calculated. The functional scheme, structural and electrical principle are developed. The conclusion gives the main results obtained during the completion of the diploma project.

An analytical review of the technology of three-dimensional scanning and an explanation of the principle of operation of 3D scanners were conducted in this work. The theoretical bases of laser scanning are indicated and the analysis of three-dimensional reconstruction methods is presented.  The object of the development is to create an installation for the process of scanning. Based on the Ciclop project, the necessary elements were selected and a detailed overview of the Horus software was made. The main stages of designing a three-dimensional scanner are given in the explanatory note.
The purpose of the work is to familiarize yourself with a laser 3D scanner. Conduct a scan process by pre-calibrating the device. Obtaining a scan result in the form of cloud points. Explanation of prospects and practical application of scans.

This thesis consists of 66 pages, 17 illustrations, 12 formulas, 9 literary sources. Key words: neural network, online service, python, pneumonia, x-ray.

In the diploma project, a new method for diagnosing lung disease on the basis of X-ray images was conducted. The design of the neural network architecture is developed. The model was trained to recognize viral and bacterial pneumonia in X-rays. An online service was developed that provides real-time, convenient and easy access to the capabilities of the neural network. As a result of the study, a ready-made solution for modern diagnostics was developed on the basis of latest neural network technology. The purpose of the work is to investigate the high-precision method of diagnosing lung diseases on the basis of X-ray images. Also, to development an online interface for easy access in real time and documentation for it.

The purpose of this graduation project is device developing for surface cleanliness testing, that is used for degree analyzing of thin layer organic pollution by fluorescence method.    

The work of this device is based on properties of organic matter fluorescing that is to emit cold light, under the action of ultraviolet rays. Organic contamination is the cause of some defects in welded and adhesive joints and decorative and protective coatings. There are large numbers of potential sources of organic pollution, for example, it may be residues of oil, contaminated air from the ventilation system or even fatty secretion of human skin.

On the diploma project of the student of the fourth year, groups of PC-51 of the Faculty of Adjacent Baranovskiy Dmitry with those: "Mobile ultrasonic flaw detector".

In this diploma project a mobile acoustic flaw detector is developed, which easily adapts to new objects of control and different classes of tasks.
In the first edition of the diploma project there are presented works of theoretical viscosity about ultrasound, described methods of ultrasonic flaw detection, induced theoretical viscosity about the appearance and types of ultrasonic rearrangements. In the calculation - theoretical part of the selection and calculation sensor, which best part go for the task in delivered. As a result of this survey, the overall dimensions of the main parts of the reshuffle construction are determined.

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