This thesis consists of 54 pages, 37 illustrations, 22 formulas, 16 references. Key words: sorting, Arduino, automation, robotics.

In the graduate work was development and design of a device for sorting objects by their color. Software was created that drives the device. Debugging was performed, which allowed the machine to properly sort objects by their color. As a result, a fully automated device was created to solve the problem of sorting large numbers of items by their color.

It was decided to develop an automated device for light control for the bachelor's project. The analysis of modern models of luxmeters, spheres of their application, principles of action are carried out.

The problems of application of these devices in the field of agriculture are revealed, namely at plants cultivation of the protected soil which need constant control. To improve performance of the device in this area different automation options had been chosen. The device that solves the problem not only of light control, but monitor infrared radiation and with using color sensor detection of leaves color to determine which nutrients the plant is lacking was developed.

Bachelor's degree project was made by student Masnuha Dmitry from groups сourse VI PK-61.

For the bachelor's thesis project, it was decided to develop a device with which you can automatically tune the guitar. During the implementation of this project, the existing types of tuners were considered, the principles of their operation were described, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of existing devices.

The project is based on acoustic control methods, spectral analysis of signals and automation of the process of tuning such a stringed musical instrument as a guitar. The need to use these devices is not only for guitarists who are just beginning to learn the guitar, but also for professional musicians to quickly and accurately tune their instrument.

The purpose of the diploma project is development of non-contact temperature measuring device with additional functions and mobile application that can be used both for production purposes and in everyday life.

Within this project the theoretical bases of non-contact temperature measurement were investigated, the remote measurement device of temperature indicators of radiation type was designed, optical system of the device was modeled and calculated, components were selected, functional and basic electric schemes, assembly drawings and mobile application for convenient device control were developed.

The purpose of this diploma project is to develop an ultrasonic device to control the heat consumed in residential buildings and enterprises, as well as to control the coolant.

In the diploma modern variants of devices with the analysis of the principle of action and their use in various spheres of activity were considered, the comparative characteristic with schemes and tables is given. Conclusions are made regarding the priority of using an ultrasonic heat meter and suggestions for its improvement.
The operation of this device is based on the method of ultrasonic measurement. The device consists of an electric computer, a flow meter with ultrasonic sensors and temperature sensors.

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