Title of Master Thesis


Master - 2018

Avramenko  Bohdan
Automated addy cyrrent testing system for complex geometry products (advisor Y.Kuts)
Master thesis

Bohdanov Volodymyr
Ultrasonic nondestructive testing for osteectory (advisor V.Bazhenov)
Master thesis

Veriutin Mykhailo
Using of machine learning to defect flaws of composite materials by mechanical impedance analysis (advisor E.Suslov)
Master thesis

Ivasyk Yurii
Research of ultrasonic fuel flowmeters (advisor V.Bazhenov)
Master thesis

Matushchak Illia
Reconstruction of termal fields (advisor A.Protasov)
Master thesis

Myrhorodskyi Oleksandr
Detector with the wireless data transnission system (advisor V.Petryk)
(have not been defended)

Pohrebenko Dmytro
Methods and means for rehabilitation  of the ankle joint (advisor R.Halahan)
Master thesis

Redka Mykhailo
Development of information technology of ultrasonic flow detection with increased relability (advisor Y.Kuts)
Master thesis

Rozhanska Iryna
Control algoritms for robotic-manipulators in the system of automated non-destructive testing (advisor R.Halahan)
(have not been defended)

Khodnevych Serhii
Research of eddy-current flow detotors based on frequency synthesizers (advisor V.Bazhenov)
Master thesis


Master - 2017

Ukrainets Serhii
Acoustic testing  technology using GSM (advisor Valentyn Petryk)

Shynderuk Taras
Research of correlation method  for locating acoustic signals (advisor Bazhenov Viktor)

ПСНК КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2017