Title of Diploma Thesis



Bachelor - 2020

Belak Artur
Electric field strength meter (advisor Bazhenov Viktor)
Bachelor thesis

Harenko Oleksii
Automatic color sorting machine (advisor Galagan Roman)
Bachelor thesis

Herasymchuk Mykhailo
Portable ultrasonic flaw detector (advisor Valentyn Petryk)
Bachelor thesis

Hlushchenko Mykhailo
An automated device for smoke detection (advisor Bohdan Halyna)
Bachelor thesis

Zhyvkovych Artur
A non-contact temperature measurement device (advisor Muraviov Oleksandr)
Bachelor thesis

Zalieskyi Yurii
Eddy current flaw detector for determining the material conductivity (advisor Bazhenov Viktor)
Bachelor thesis

Kibalenko Vadym
Eddy current flaw detector for determining operational damage of structural elements (advisor Kuts Yurii)
Bachelor thesis

Lemeshenko Vladyslav
The ultrasonic testing device for joints weld (advisor Lysenko Iuliia)
Bachelor thesis

Maliarov Artem
Portable eddy current flaw detector (advisor Valentyn Petryk)
Bachelor thesis

Masnukha Dmytro
Device for automated guitar tuning (advisor Bohdan Halyna)
Bachelor thesis

Opryshko Maksym
Device for determining the intensity of ultraviolet radiation (advisor Lysenko Iuliia)
Bachelor thesis

Petrenko Dmytro
An automated device for illumination testing (advisor Muraviov Oleksandr)
Bachelor thesis

Petrusha Artem
Eddy current device for controlling axial movement of turbine shafts (advisor Kuts Yurii)
Bachelor thesis

Polianskyi Serhii
Ultrasonic thickness gauge (advisor Bazhenov Viktor)
Bachelor thesis

Rats Oleksandr
Device for determining the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air (advisor Lysenko Iuliia)
Bachelor thesis

Sazonov Volodymyr
Materials permittivity meter (advisor Bazhenov Viktor)
Bachelor thesis

Tahirov Denys
Device for heat energy evaluation (advisor Protasov Anatolyi)
Bachelor thesis

Triodial Rostyslav
Metal detector (advisor Bazhenov Viktor)
Bachelor thesis

Shvydkyi Oleksandr
Ultrasonic monitor for  composite material products (advisor Kuts Yurii)
Bachelor thesis

Yakymchuk Anna
Ultrasound deviсe for measuring the blood flow velocity in vessels (advisor Galagan Roman)
Bachelor thesis

Bachelor - 2019

Baranovskyi Dmytro
Portable ultrasound flaw detector (advisor Valentyn Petryk)
Bachelor thesis

Vakuliuk  Andrii
Electrostatic field measuring device (advisor Bazhenov Viktor)
Bachelor thesis

Kisil Oleksandr
The ultrasonic system for the TOFD testing of welded joints (advisor Olena Lashko)
Bachelor thesis

Lahutin Yevhen   
Thickness gauge (advisor Bazhenov Viktor)
Bachelor thesis

Meretskyi Mykola   
Web service for diagnosing lung diseases by X-ray images (advisor Galagan Roman)
Bachelor thesis

Miliutin Vladyslav   
Ferromagnetic materials tester (advisor Bazhenov Viktor)
Bachelor thesis

Noshchenko Serhii   
Eddy current flaw detector for controlling riveted joints (advisor Kuts Yurii)
Bachelor thesis

Prykhodko Maksym   
Eddy current flaw detector based on frequency synthesizers   (advisor Bazhenov Viktor)
Bachelor thesis

Romaniuk Tetiana  
Eddy current thickness gauge for monitoring the thermal coverage of turbine blades (advisor Kuts Yurii)
Bachelor thesis

Salakov Andrii   
Eddy current two frequencies stethoscope for controlling products from non-ferromagnetic materials (advisor Kuts Yurii)
Bachelor thesis

Storozhyk Denys    
Device for testing  of surface cleanliness (advisor Muraviov Oleksandr)
Bachelor thesis

Tasazh Vladyslav    
3D scanner for measuring geometry of object of testing (advisor Galagan Roman)
Bachelor thesis

Fedyna Vladyslav  
Instrument for measuring the moisture content of fabrics (advisor Valentyn Petryk)
Bachelor thesis

Chemerys Denys    
Industrial thermal imaging camera (advisor Muraviov Oleksandr)
Bachelor thesis

Yaryhin Volodymyr    
Noise meter (advisor Valentyn Petryk)
Bachelor thesis


Bachelor - 2018

Andrukh Serhii
Hardness test of metal alloys (advisor Bazhenov Viktor)

Kanosa Roman
The device for control railroad ruheels (advisor Evgeniy Suslov)

Klepach Serhii
Ultrasonic instrument for measuring the thickness of metals moducts (advisor Olena Lashko)

Kotov Ivan
Ultrasonic range finder (advisor Oleksandr Dugin)

Ladyzhenskyi Oleksandr
Device for electromyography (advisor Galagan Roman)

Moroz Nataliia
Instrument for measuring pulse using infrared sensors (advisor Lysenko Iuliia)

Motsar Roman
Impulse impedance flaw detector for  composite materials control (advisor Evgeniy Suslov)

Povshenko Oleksandr
Wireless ultrasonic defectoscope (advisor Valentyn Petryk)

Pohorielova Oleksandra
Ultrasonic flaw detector for monitoring weld (advisor Galagan Roman)

Stasyshyn Oleksandr
Laser tachometer (advisor Muraviov Oleksandr)

Tryzna Vladyslav
Eddy-current flaw detector for controlling the threaded connections of drill pipes (advisor Kuts Yurii)

Udod Vitalii
Ultrasonic defectoscope for roilway rails inspection (advisor Olena Lashko)

Ferko Roman
Ultrasonic device for iron castings defects detection (advisor Olena Lashko)

Tsymbal Vadym
Universal ultrasonic device (advisor Oleksandr Dugin)

Shkurko Yevhenii
Eddy current  thickness gouge of dielectric  coatings (advisor Bazhenov Viktor)

Shpak Dmytro
Divese for monitoring the strength of concrete structures (advisor Bohdan Halyna)

Shulha Marharyta
Mordener (advisor Bazhenov Viktor)

Specialist - 2017/2


Horlo Valerii
Ultrasound system for the diagnostics of cerebral vessels (advisor Galagan Roman)

Morozov Maksym
Computer system of automatic formation  of C-scan for flat control objects (advisor Valentyn Petryk)

Novak Roman
Ultrasonic testing system of eventyal areas of pipes of large-break (advisor Kuts Yurii)

Paskalov Oleksandr
Ultrasonic testing system of pipes weld joints (advisor Bazhenov Viktor)

Pidvyshennyi Petro
System of pulse-based mechanical impedance testing of composite material (advisor Evgeniy Suslov)

Pozharskyi Maksym
Automated ultrasonic system for sheet metal inspection (advisor Olena Lashko)

Prysiazhna Nadiia
The computer-integrated ultrasonic system of blood velocity measarement (advisor Bazhenov Viktor)

Savchak Roman
Eddy current testing system of strengthehed skin depth of barrel (advisor Kuts Yurii)

Bachelor - 2017

Bahlai Yevhenii
Noise-measuring device (advisor Lysenko I.)

Bilous Oleksandr
Ultrasonic defectoscope based on focusing transtucer (advisor Mayevskyy Stanislav)

Volovodenko Mariia
Eddy current flaw detector for testing of heat exchange pipes for steam generator of a nuclear power plant (advisor Kuts Yurii)

Keba Yuliia
Portable cardiograph (advisor Galagan Roman)

Lysokon Yakiv
Device for non-contact temperature measurement (advisor Bohdan Halyna)

Makarenko Alona
Portable heart rate meter (advisor Galagan Roman)

Nikitin Maksym
The blood flow monitoring device (advisor Olena Lashko)

Pryshliak Dmytro
The ultrasonic flowmeter (advisor Olena Lashko)

Ratsebarskyi Serhii
Thermo-Anemometr for liquid or gas flow rate measurement (advisor Oleksandr Dugin)

Sydorenko Denys
The ultrasonic device for welds testing (advisor Olena Lashko)

Kharuk Ivan
Device for measurment the quantity of heat (advisor Anatoliy Protasov)

Bruslik Mykhailo
Laser rangefinder (advisor Muraviov Oleksandr)

Horpynich Dmytro
Device for transducer localization (advisor Evgeniy Suslov)

Dekhtiar Andrii
Ultrasonic device for testing concrete (advisor Bazhenov Viktor)

Zhuchkov Vladyslav
Acoustic sours localization device (advisor Galagan Roman)

Krat Anastasiia
Parameter testing device for infrared lenses (advisor Muraviov Oleksandr)

Kurasov Oleksandr
Ultrasonic distance meter (advisor Bohdan Halyna)

Levchenko Oleksandr
Computerized eddy current defectoscope for testing nonmagnetic materials (advisor Kuts Yurii)

Tiurina Daria
Ultrasonic thichness lange (advisor Oleksandr Dugin)

Kharenko Roman
Ultrasonic device for testing drill pipes (advisor Bazhenov Viktor)

Yaroshynska Anna
Divice for testing of textile humidity (advisor Valentyn Petryk)


Bachelor thesis