Opryshko M. Device for determining the intensity of ultraviolet radiation


On the diploma project of the fourth-year student of group PK-61 Opryshko Maksym on the topic: "Device for measuring the intensity of ultraviolet radiation"

In this diploma project, a portable device for measuring the intensity of ultraviolet radiation was developed.

The first section presents general theoretical information about optical non-destructive testing and its methods. Models of optical radiation are also given.
In the second section of this diploma project, devices for optical non-destructive testing were considered. Theoretical information about the types of photodetector elements, their structure and characteristics was also given.

The third section describes the selection of electronic components, namely the microcontroller, ultraviolet sensor, display, Bluetooth module and step-up converter and battery. The structural and functional diagrams of the device were also given.

In the last section the methods of calculation of errors of the device at measurement were described.

Research advisor: I. Lysenko


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