12th European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (ECNDT 2018)


The 12th European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (ECNDT 2018) took place in Geteborg, Sweden, from June 11th to 15th. The conference was organized by the European Federation of Non-Destructive Testing (EFNDT) in cooperation with the Nordic NDT Societies.

The conference was opened by P. Merck (President of the Swedish Society for Non-Destructive Control (FOP), Chairman of the ECNDT), Prof. P. Trampus (President EFNDT), S. Babu (Chairman of the World Organization of NDT (ICNDT)), E. Rothenberg (Deputy Mayor of Göteborg) and others.

Вхід на конференцію Частина виставкового залу

The conference was attended by over 2,100 professionals from more than 60 countries. The conference participants presented about 700 materials, of which 600 were selected for oral presentation and 100 as poster presentations in 8 parallel sections. In the framework of the conference, an exhibition of modern devices and non-destructive testing systems was traditionally held, in which 175 enterprises took part in the industry.

IMG 20180614 112502 1 DSC 3871 1 Лисенко Ю.Ю.

In the photo: part of the exhibition hall; one of the eddy-current flaw detectors with transducers; Ph.D. Lysenko I.

From the department of instruments and systems of non-destructive testing of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Ph.D. Lysenko I. took part with a report on the topic "Analysis of the uncertainty of measurement in the pulsed eddy current signal evaluation". In addition, within the framework of the exhibition of modern equipment at the stand of the Ukrainian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics (USNDT), the device of the professor Bazhenov V. called "Reconfigurable universal measuring system" was presented.

Матеріали конференції Підготовка до доповіді

In the photo: conference materials; preparation for the presentation

на стенді УТНКТД Інформаційні матеріали про робробку Баженова В.Г. Спілкування з колегами з Болгарсього товариства НК

In the photo: Lysenko I. on the stand of USNDT; information materials on the device of Bazhenov V.; communication and demonstration for colleagues from Bulgaria.

Within the framework of the cultural program, the organizers have planned several concerts and many sea and regular excursions to the magical green city, which does not leave indifferent to its calm and harmonious rhythm of life.

The ECNDT 2018 conference has become a meeting place for specialists, researchers, postgraduates, well-known friends and regular users with devices and non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics from around the world. In the process of discussing many important issues of non-destructive testing, the conference gave participants lots of new ideas for existing projects that encourage new creative achievements.

вид на город Екскурсія на архипелаг екскурсія на острів Вранго

На фото: місто з оглядового майданчика; екскурсія на південні острови архіпелагу; оглядовий майданчик на острові Вранго.