Diploma project named "Spectral ratio pyrometer" is dedicated to the development of scanning spectral ratio pyrometer. This work was made by student of the department "devices and systems NDT" (NTU "KPI them. Igor Sikorsky")  by Hololob Dimitri.
The project scope consists of 71 page introduction, 5 chapters, general conclusions, list of references and contains 35 illustrations, 6 tables, 11 literature sources and applications.
In the first section of the project the choice of control, with all the advantages and disadvantages, and developed ain block diagram of the device. The second section contains a calculation of optical circuits and power are decided. Also diploma include functional diagram of the device. In this chapter the electric circuit components (analog-to-digital converter (ADC), fast access memory device (RAM),microcontroller, etc.)was decided. The third section is devoted to the development of the algorithm of the device.
The degree project is performed according to the task. This device can be used in industry.

advisor Muraviov О.


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