Harenko O. Automatic color sorting machine

This thesis consists of 54 pages, 37 illustrations, 22 formulas, 16 references. Key words: sorting, Arduino, automation, robotics.

In the graduate work was development and design of a device for sorting objects by their color. Software was created that drives the device. Debugging was performed, which allowed the machine to properly sort objects by their color. As a result, a fully automated device was created to solve the problem of sorting large numbers of items by their color.

The purpose of the work is to determine the optimal method of sorting a large number of objects. Creating a prototype device that would perform this task properly and not be too expensive to manufacture. Subject of research - methods of sorting objects by their color, the problem of sorting a large number of objects.
Scientific novelty - solving the problem of color sorting, creating a simple and effective prototype device.

Research advisor: R. Galagan


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ПСНК КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2017