Noshchenko S. Eddy current flaw detector for controlling riveted joints

In the diploma project, a research was carried out on microcurrent NK and the search for defects in riveting compounds. In the first section was given an analysis of the object of control and the formulation of the problem of study in which were considered: types of riveted joints, types of rivets, the use of rivets. The second section deals with general information about the vortex current type of non-destructive control. The third section reviews the structures of the WWW and the work of the VSD, the calculation of the overhead transformer GSP, the description and calculation of the main elements of the VSD


The object of the study is a cluttered connection. Scientific novelty - eddy-current converter of the abusive type. The graphic part consists of six drawings. The circuit is electric principle - A1, the structural scheme - A1, assembly drawings - A1, assembly screwdriver - A2, detailing: cover - A3, case - A3.

Key words: non-destructive vibration, non-destructive control, riveting, VSP of a rotating type.

Research advisor: Y. Kuts


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ПСНК КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2017