Makarenko A. The system for tracking the movement of ultrasonic sensor on flat surfase of testing object

The master's dissertation consists of the introduction and 6 sections, the conclusion and the list of used literature. The full volume is 69 pages, including 20 illustrations, 24 tables, 23 literary sources.

Actuality of theme. With every minute the world becomes all more automated. Quite soon he will grow into single integral CAS that gives an opportunity to guarantee quality of productive processes.

With development of the computing engineering the decision of certain row of tasks, facilitation and acceleration of implementation of work, and also upgrading of
result became possible.


Creation of devices that execute the functions of recognition of objects, in most cases will allow to replace a man the specialized automat. It costs to notice, that quality of implementation of working as a man depends on many factors (qualification, experience, tiredness, interest). In the same time, the in good condition and adjusted system will work, providing always identical quality of implementation of work. Another ponderable advantage of the automatic systems above a man is a fast-acting.

The systems of watching of motion are widely used in the guard systems, systems of supervision and control.
The systems of shadowing after objects always were and remain actual. In the modern world control of trajectory of motion plays an important role providing of quality, productivity and, even, safety.
Research aim - it is development of the system of watching of motion.

Task: For gaining end next tasks are in-process put:

  1. Analysis of the state of problem in the existent methods of control;
  2. Analyses of methods of processing of digital images;
  3. Developments of device are for experimental researches;
  4. software Developments;
  5. Experimental researches of work of the system of watching of moving;
  6. the Theoretical ground done and conclusions.

A research object – is a process of automation of watching of motion of transformer on the object of control.
The article of research – is the systems of watching of motion of transformer.


1. "Systems of machine sight and their co-operating with the environment of design of NI LabView", 11th Research and practice conference "Look in a
future instrument-making", 2018р.

Keywords: watching of motion, machine sight, videostream, video camera, NI Labview

Research advisor: prof. Halahan R.


All Masters Thesis

ПСНК КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2017