Kovtun H. Mobile ultrasonic detector

In this paper, the mobile ultrasound stethoscope that is easy adaptability to new control objects and different classes of problems. This work consists of eight chapters and contains 86 figures, 7 tables, 1 diagram, 1 and 5 PCB graphics.
In the "Actuality" and "Introduction" are becoming current flaw detection of problems and goals.
The "Survey of similar solutions" are considered modern thickness gauges and flaw detectors, which allow for ultrasonic control facilities with limited access. In the section "Description of the developed Flaw" The basic flaw equipment, its specifications, the structure of the processing system and information visualization.
Also, a comparative analysis of relative errors. In the section "Developing electric circuits" are the basic components and circuits used for the construction of model standards.
In the section "Description of experimental model" describes the flaw developed, its scope, how it works, specifications, features and operating conditions.
In the "development environment Keil uVision» describes the environment for the development of software for microprocessors, as examples of program code execution.
In the section "Experimental" progress tests are designed flaw. Analyzed the results.
Thus, in the course of the thesis analyzes built mobile ultrasonic flaw detectors, electric fundamental scheme of PCB and on the basis of which created Flaw. The system meets all the requirements.

Research advisor: prof. Petrik V.


ПСНК КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського, 2017