Admission Regulations (PhD)


CIEApplicant Requirements for entering to the Postgraduate Training Program:

Duration of study:

Ph.D. - 4 years (after a Master's Degree);
Doctor of Science - 2 years (after a Ph.D.).

Required documents to enter the Preparatory Department:

Documents mentioned in clauses 2 – 5 must be verified according to the legislation of the country they were granted in, legalized and authenticated under the established procedure, if nothing else is contemplated by the international treaties of Ukraine.

Documents for admission to Postgraduate Training Program (PhD):

Admission of foreign citizens to postgraduate studies (doctoral studies) to Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is carried out given :

Documents for admission to postgraduate studies are accepted during the whole year ! Starting from October 1st.

Duration - 4 years.

List of documents to be submitted for admission to postgraduate study:

Entrance tests are conducted from 02.09.2018. 12.09.2018.